Portales on the Street

The German artist 1010 creates a series of large-scale murals playing with optical illusion to make us see portals to another world, his technique involves drawing different colored layers on a single wall of any structure, enjoy it …What do you think about this post? Do you have something to contribute? do not forget to […]

Picture gallery of Creative Advertising

We always believe in quality advertising because that’s where the public feels more attracted wake them sensations, feelings, and may not need the product at the time we know that this idea stay in his mind and always will pull a smile, this has always been the purpose, so we bring you a selection of […]

The new campaign of OREO

As good as the cookie is the new campaign OREO “Play with OREO”, where they have gathered a group of illustrators considered a dream team to do this work to express the emotions that you can cause the product …Which one did you like best? Share it ..

10 things you should keep in mind as a designer

Let’s say that this are like 10 gold reminders, even as reported by several websites like the 10 commandments of a graphic designer, are things that you should always keep them in mind in the daily life of graphic designer …

Good design is for everyone

Unless the client asks you for a job for a specific […]

The First 3D Pen

3Doodler is a new invention that has given much to talk about on the internet, it is a pen that heats a plastic that quickly cools and solidifies, giving you the chance to draw in the air and you can save your work in a plastic model similar to the wax from the candles, although […]

8 sentences that should never say a Graphic Designer

Currently being a graphic designer is not easy, either for the great competition that exists globally or because our profession is not valued as it should, much of that is because we care more for design that know how to speak or communicate with our customers and this is something very essential to achieve positive […]

Really old Cartoons

The gallery belongs to the Russian illustrator Andrew Tarusov who wanted to represent how the most famous cartoons of the story would look if they were to old, enjoy it …

8 Advantages of Digital Marketing

Admittedly, the digital marketing is a new strategy that is trendy and that every company currently has caught its attention. Digital marketing has become so effective for small, medium and large companies, since using the internet which is a very wide channel where you can reach many more people and even provide the possibility of […]

Graphic Design Myths

Graphic Design Myths

Here are the most popular myths that people have about graphic designers, we will mention and try to clarify these paradigms and false beliefs.

The designer knows everything

Many people believe that when they ask us a job, we already know what they want for their design, but that is not true. We always need […]