Meet the M3D, the new 3D printer for all

Its creators are Michael Armani and David Jones, its purpose was to create an easy affordable 3D printer, ready to use and where only have to connect the printer, download or create the model, start printing and see how the results appear right in front of your eyes.

Its design is small, simple and nice, but […]

Tips to take pictures as a professional reusing what you have at home (Part 2)

As we promised here we bring the second part of the tricks for you to take professional photographs with things from home…

7. Use your window like a light box: Just use a sheet of white paper on a bright window and you have a perfect light box to enhance the colors and shapes of your […]

Discarded logos of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The reason why they were discarded was caused by the strong allegations to ensure that the designs of the logos of the Olympic and Paralympic Games were plagiarized.

The organizing committee repeatedly assure they did not know the origin of the emblem, since the designer Kenjiro Sano admitted resorted to the Internet to copy several designs, […]

History of keep calm and carry on

Surely you have seen many images on the internet with the phrase “Keep Calm and …” and you have wondered where they got it, well here is the brief history of this image that has caused a boom in the networks.

It turns out that this sign originally said “keep calm and carry on” (Stay calm […]

Tips to take pictures as a professional reusing what you have at home (Part 1)

Nowadays all of us are in a world where photography is always present anywhere and any time of our lives, we seek to communicate our feelings, sensations and thoughts with a photograph. With instagram, this has become a trend and everyone has a profile on that social network and this makes it difficult to create […]

The meaning of colors in design

Color Psychology

For a graphic designer is important to be able to transmit ideas, concepts and qualities of a product or brand, creatively and efficiently. One of the most used resources since ever is the COLOR, this serves not only to make the image look good but it also has the ability to generate sensations and […]

SEO positioning: All we need to know.

At present any person or company that is involved in any online or Web project, is interested in good traffic of readers or users, and to achieve this, there is something that perhaps many people are unaware of their current importance on the web. This is the SEO.

What is?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine […]