Why do you need a Community Manager for your company?

Have a personal account on social networks is not equal to create a company profile and manage the social network of a business.

Any presumed today to be in a social network. Facebook and Twitter are among the most commonly used between the users, who interact in these platforms using smartphones and tablets from any place […]

Most common materials in graphic advertising (Part 1)

In digital printing, printing and lithography is equipped with various types of materials with different properties (texture, color, weight, etc.) which can be used for various functions.

Some of the most popular are:

Glase Paper: (Ranging from 90 grams to 350 grams) glossy paper that comes in different thicknesses or weights While thicker the weight you choose […]

Most common materials in graphic advertising (Part 2)

In the world of large-scale prints, there are an endless number of materials with which we encounter day to day since we left the house until the return.

Some of the most commonly used are:

BANNER: The Banner is a “cloth” manufactured largely plastic PVC, reinforced with a polyester mesh. The banner is used extensively in outdoor […]

Why do we need a professional logo?

How many of us have seen the logo of a company, and only with this information, do a trial of the company in question? It is normal, all make judgments about what we see … And like it or not, what we see is closely linked to our personal experiences.

The logo is the most important […]

How competitive differentiation in 3 steps

It is already clear that we must differentiate themselves from the competition facilities. It is also clear that competition is sometimes another kind of different from ours establishment itself. What does differentiate then, if we are already different times?

Perhaps the most appropriate word would be “noted” between competition and other establishments. But that does not […]

Web Design terms you need to know

If you plan to hire the service of Web Design it is important that you can learn the terms necessary to better understand the idea of ​​designers and developers, in addition to clear any doubts asking the questions correctly. Here are some:

Domain: It is the address of your Web page, which can end in .com (commercial […]