Picture gallery of Creative Advertising

We always believe in quality advertising because that’s where the public feels more attracted wake them sensations, feelings, and may not need the product at the time we know that this idea stay in his mind and always will pull a smile, this has always been the purpose, so we bring you a selection of […]

Graphic Design Myths

Graphic Design Myths

Here are the most popular myths that people have about graphic designers, we will mention and try to clarify these paradigms and false beliefs.

The designer knows everything

Many people believe that when they ask us a job, we already know what they want for their design, but that is not true. We always need […]

Apple Pencil, the new iPad Pro stylus

Many rumors were spoken from August on its development and in the end there it is, the Apple pencil was conceived for the iPad Pro, has a Lightning port used to charge directly from the tablet, its battery lasts 12 hours, its design has a thinner tip we are accustomed to seeing in other stylus […]

Meet the M3D, the new 3D printer for all

Its creators are Michael Armani and David Jones, its purpose was to create an easy affordable 3D printer, ready to use and where only have to connect the printer, download or create the model, start printing and see how the results appear right in front of your eyes.

Its design is small, simple and nice, but […]