Code Combat: a game to learn how to program

CodeCombat it is a role-playing game but with a quality very interesting and is that as you play vas learning to program in different programming languages the most common is the JavaScript, at the beginning levels of the game and of learning are basic but as you progress throughout the game becomes much more complex.

If you […]

Animeyed: Interesting self-portraits of Fiora Borsi

This is the work of the Photographer and visual artist Hungarian Fiora Borsi realize self-portraits by replacing one of her eyes with one of an animal, without doubt something creative and interesting to see…

Illustrated tribute to David Bowie

It was in this way that it several illustrators and graphic designers paid a tribute and said farewell to the singer and British artist David Bowie who died last 10 January at the age of 69 victim of cancer.

American Express with style

The company American Express launched a campaign in which gives you the freedom to a handful of artists of the illustration and graphic designers to reinterpret its different types of cards (Green, Gold and Platinum) to a campaign of social media that have been carried out since a couple of years ago.

.With what American you […]

12 Amazing collages of Tristan Eaton

If you’re one of those people who love the arts of the collages and the illustrations, then Tristan Eaton you will awaken the inspiration because it merges both techniques in a single piece by creating interesting things such as the that we will see below …All the work of this excellent artist can be seen […]

Surrealist sculptures of Troy Coulterman

The artist Troy Coulterman in their sculptures portrays his characters intertwined in between colors and shapes to represent very strange feelings and emotions of the physical human being and in turn abstract concepts such as fear, past or future …What do you found these works? Please leave us a comment …

Anniversary Competition FreelPhoto

Rules of the contest

The theme of this contest is “Artistic Photography”. Outlets are completely free to the view of the author.
The photo contest is open to professional and amateur photographers, Venezuelans or residents in the country, 18 years of age and older.
Rules of the contest

Send the picture to the email [email protected], along with a file […]

“Monster Project” where the imagination of children has no limits

Known as “Monster project” a space where many artists from around the world gather to redraw “monsters” from drawings made by children, their ideal is to make the children recognize the power of their imagination and creativity …

Sincerely hope the proposals are very nice and bring a smile to more than one …What do you […]

13 Posters that make you remember the movies of the 80’s

Do You Remember those movies were made that trend in the 80 ‘s?

The Italian artist Van Orton Design brings us his series “Cult Movies Collection” where he has posters of the most famous films of that era by adding a style pop-art and cartoonish to each …Did you see any of these films in the […]