Who we are?

Freelance is a graphic design company that was founded in 2004 with the idea of ​​giving graphic communication solutions to the regional, national and international market holistically, located in Venezuela – Merida State and consists of a multifaceted harmonious strong work unit, that holistically enriches the end result of each project, because each one of the members gives the best of themselves in terms of joint success. .


Being a large corporation, a leader in the field of graphic communication recognized at regional, national and international level as a senior company in effectiveness and efficiency, responsibility and commitment, based on the total communication with customers, giving us a unique differential that identifies us and make us competitive, achieving and maintaining market leadership.


Provide innovative and comprehensive care graphics solutions in the field of graphic design, Web, Advertising, Publishing and Multimedia to individuals, companies and institutions at regional, national and international levels, based on the quality of our products and services, as well as response times consistent and efficient generating valuable benefits for our employees, dealing fairly and professionally to our business alliances.


1. Commitment (Responsibility – Transparency – Integrity – Objectivity)
2. Communication (Understanding – Expression – Coordination)
3. Creativity (Innovation – Experience – Talent – Knowledge – Variety)
4. Looking ahead (Optimism – Proactive – Planning)
5. Perseverance (Power – Leadership – Effectiveness – Fastness)

  • CEO

    John Villarroel
  • sub-manager

    Adriana Rivas
  • graphic design

    Joel Jiménez