Its creators are Michael Armani and David Jones, its purpose was to create an easy affordable 3D printer, ready to use and where only have to connect the printer, download or create the model, start printing and see how the results appear right in front of your eyes.

Its design is small, simple and nice, but despite that we should not doubt about its capabilities, it can be used by all kinds of people and can be applied to small and medium-sized enterprises, education, learning, building toys, jewelry, anyway there is a world of possibilities.

The most important thing is its price you can get it for $ 299 with all its filaments, its price is because it worked to make the printer had minimum energy consumption, in fact depending on the complexity of the work is established the consumption power that the machine requires, another highlight is its size, is 185 mm3 and weight of 1 kg, it is certainly an interesting machine and opens the doors to this new world of 3D views, either out of curiosity , hobby or business, M3D has become a good choice.

Here you have a video of M3D printing cogs. What do you think?