As we promised here we bring the second part of the tricks for you to take professional photographs with things from home…

7. Use your window like a light box: Just use a sheet of white paper on a bright window and you have a perfect light box to enhance the colors and shapes of your objects.

8. Use sandwich bags to create reflections and fog effect: just wrap a little the lens with the bag and ready, this works in bright environments.

9. Create backgrounds and homemade curtains: We can make backgrounds and curtains, very economically with everyday items, newspapers, wrapping paper, fabrics, and decorated plates, among others.

10. Enables your Smartphone to be a trigger: Currently there are many apps for iOS and Android that allow the Smartphone be a trigger for your camera fully automatic and programmable, it can be useful when wanting to make timelapse or photos distance comfortably, you can use wired or wireless depending on your SLR camera.

11. Bouncing the flash with a business card: it is not always convenient when the flash fall squarely toward the object, if we place a business card to a 45° angle against the flash, we will make the light bounces toward the ceiling and thereby achieve a smooth and uniform lighting.

12. Create a diffuser flash with the handle of a plastic bottle: A diffuser is an accessory that you put the flash to achieve scatter light and make light more smoothly, compared with the previous trick this is perfect for exterior. You need a bottle of milk, also serves the bottles of cleaning products that are usually of translucent plastic with handle or grab handle (that is the part that we are going to cut).

That is all for now, how about these ideas? Please leave us your comments and if you have something more to contribute, is welcome.