Surely you have seen many images on the internet with the phrase “Keep Calm and …” and you have wondered where they got it, well here is the brief history of this image that has caused a boom in the networks.

It turns out that this sign originally said “keep calm and carry on” (Stay calm and still working) was created in the UK in 1939 by the British Ministry of Information for the sole purpose of raising the morale of all citizens before the threat Nazi invasion of the British territory during World War II. Printed about 2 and a half million posters but these were exposed mostly in exhibitions since Germany never succeeded invade England.

Its simple design with typography, sought to identify the Ministry and support the king to the English cause. Over the years, copyright poster expired and as a result of this began a new trend that started with the poster image but varying the “carry on”, you can find on the internet many versions of the Keep calm, we leave you here some images: