Color Psychology

For a graphic designer is important to be able to transmit ideas, concepts and qualities of a product or brand, creatively and efficiently. One of the most used resources since ever is the COLOR, this serves not only to make the image look good but it also has the ability to generate sensations and feelings in people and describe attributes of the company.

Proper use of the color associated with a sign or symbol may have a great power of receptivity in people, and achieve long-term partnership that give a proper name to the brand as the  “Blue Giant ” from IBM for its use of blue on the logo, or “Red Ferrari” just to mention some examples.

Our minds are programmed to respond to colors, here’s their meanings:

  • RED: action, adventure, passion, blood, energy, danger, love, emotion, strength, vigor.

This is a color that evokes conflicted emotions that can range from war and blood to the passion and love, in the design of logos is a color widely used to call the attention of the observer, a curious fact it is known that increase blood pressure and causes hunger.


In the case of Red Bull that is a trademark of energy drinks, they use red as a way to describe what they are and what they offer, if we add to this their slogans such as “Red Bull gives you wings”, “Red Bull revitalizes body and mind” we could say that they have been successful on their way to represent their ideas and complement each other.

Coca-Cola is undoubtedly one of the most representative logos worldwide, they have always used the color red, and this idea came up at first by the product they offer is a cola drink which is reddish brown, this thought was effective and well received by the public making this color a reference to any brand of cola.

  • YELLOW: Caution, joy, youth, optimism, warmth, curiosity, happiness, joy, joke, sun.

This is a color that represents joy, sunshine and happiness but also caution and danger, has been used in traffic signals and warnings. It is very common to see this color in logos of fast food franchises, supermarket chains and even media, this is because the yellow is very bright color and makes the brand not overlook, attracts immediately public attention beyond transmit warmth.

Mcdonald’s is a good example of using this color, considering that their brand is targeted at young audiences happy and playful child, besides its complement with red, this makes a good combination to attract attention and give warmth.

Best Buy and Subway are other examples of the use of yellow as the main color for their logos.

  • BLUE: Authority, calm, seriousness, security, confidence, consolidation, loyalty, power, success.

Blue is one of the most popular and used by the vast majority of the world-known brands, most people like at least one shade of blue and can see it used anywhere, government agencies, medicine, financial agencies, among others because it generates feelings of calm, peace, security and trust.

IBM in its logo (“Blue Giant”) represented by the blue, eight bars and solid typography, a brand that although it is not very threatening for competition, is a stable company that is well positioned and far-reaching.

Ford a company where the idea has not changed its logo for over a hundred years, with the blue backs its qualities of successful company of reliable, safe and stylish cars.

  • BROWN: Quiet, depth, wealth, rough, nature, ground, simplicity, seriousness, subtle, usefulness, wood.

This is a color often used in law firms, brands of natural products and construction companies due to its warmth and neutrality.

The shipping company UPS appropriates the brown to be the difference between its competitors, besides being distinguished from others. It also represents attributes of serious, utilitarian, warm and reliable company.

  • GREEN: Freshness, environment, harmony, health, healing, nature, money, tranquility, renewal, inexperience.

This color represents renewal and tranquility, but can also show jealousy and inexperience. It is commonly used in brands that want to define themselves as ecological.

Animal Planet is a TV channel whose theme is nature and animals, we could say it’s a wise choice to use multiple shades of green to represent the variety of things that nature provides us (woods, vegetation, animals…)

  • PINK: Appreciation, delicacy, female, floral, gratitude, innocence, romantic, soft, quiet.

This color combines feelings of delicacy and innocence, is a softer red version, is associated with little girls or chewing gums, this color can be commonly seen in awareness campaigns such as the fight against breast cancer and add a feminine sparkle to logos.

A special and most famous case is Barbie, the color dominates the logo and corporate image fitting perfectly on its profile as a manufacturer of toys designed for young girls, supplemented by typography which gives the impression that it was written by a girl.

  • ORANGE: Accessible, creativity, excitement, fun, energetic, youthful.

It is a blend of yellow and red, therefore represents various attributes of each of these colors, orange though is less intense that the red color is very strong, and has a visual impact on the public. Generally is seen this color in brands that are targeted at young people, who want to transmit fun, entertainment and even stimulate appetites.

Nickelodeon is a clear example, using the orange in almost the entire logo representing its qualities of a TV channel whose programming is for children and young people, plus a background with spots of paint drops and playful typography.

  • PURPLE: Ceremonial, expensive, fantasy, justice, mystery, nobility, royalty, sophisticated, spirituality.

Like the orange, purple is a blend of blue and red, and also represents properties of both is warm and cold, and usually see this color in logos related to education and luxurious products.

In this image, Hallmark wants to be represented as a company with an air of royalty, luxury and sophistication combining color with a formal typography and an icon of a crown, is certainly a well accomplished idea.

  • BLACK: Authority, classic, mystery, security, tradition, formality, distinctive, secret, seriousness.

Black is just an absence of color, therefore it is very effective and influential if you want to transmit authority, elegance and tradition. Many brands use it for its great simplicity and versatility.

The famous logo of the films of James Bond is designed with a solid black, although although looks simple, fails to describe the characteristics of the character: authority, mystery and sophistication.


  • WHITE: immaculate, peace, innocence, purity, refined, sterilized, simplicity, dedication, honesty.

It is ranked as the universal color of peace and purity, we can see this color used in logos with text in negative as in the image of Girl Scouts where green dominates and uses space in the negative to recreate two faces white colored, generating feelings of peace, purity and innocence in the logo.

  • GRAY: authority, corporate mentality, humble, capricious, practicality, respect, melancholic, stability.

This color is a midpoint between black and white, it is characterized as neutral and cold, is between good and evil, but many brands use it for typographies for logos for its neutral appearance and functionality with most other colors.

Swarovski is a manufacturer of luxury jewelry and glassware, the logo is gray representing attributes of a company that for over one hundred years of history remains respectable, stable and authoritative.

There are times where many companies use multiple colors in their logos to represent their versatility and variety in their concepts, ideas and products.

These logos, both TV stations have a similarity about the use of different colors to represent the variety of shows offered to the public (entertainment, news, sports, education, and children’s programs, among others.)

In the case of our logo, we represent our commitment to our customers and continued growth we have as a company, each color represents a specific area where we develop different work spaces ranging from corporate image creation to Web design, at the same time we want to discover our strengths as a responsible, serious, creative and innovative organization that Always be prepared to solve the problems of our customers with fresh ideas to awaken and give full freedom to the imagination of observers.